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Mrs. Christiano’s Little Campers:


CONGRATULATIONS to Osazee for getting a 100% average in Spelling, Vocabulary, and Math this marking period! Keep up the amazing work!!!!!!

CONGRATULATIONS to my READING STARS!!!! We were the first class in the ENTIRE school to ALL reach 100 STEPS FIRST!!!! We won the pizza party!!!! CONGRATS ALL! SO PROUD OF YOU!!! KEEP ON READING!!!!!

Letter Writing:

The students wrote letters to Barnes and Noble asking for Digital Timer Bookmarks!

They were very convincing with some of their details:

We can set an alarm that will help us focus on our reading instead of the clock. -Hailee

They will make us smarter because we will be learning from our book instead of staring at the clock!- Allyse

It will help more students in my class be more motivated to read!- Serena

It will be helpful to our class when we are reading 100 Book Challenge. -Ariana S.

So that my teacher doesn’t need to put the clock on the smartboard. -Adji

My class loves to read!- Jalen

If we keep looking at the clock it will distract the class!- Osazee

The Digital Bookmark helps us be responsible. – Giselle

It will help us learn how to tell time. -Jude

My school is a non for profit school, our funding is limited-Robert

So we can get a pizza party if we all get to 100 Steps!- Christopher

To see what time you need to stop. -Kadiatou

They will help us be better readers. -Heidalis

So we do not need to wait for the teacher to write the time on the board. -Laila

So we do not need to just use Serena’s. So we can have our own!-Ariana C.

We need to know when to stop reading. -Jesus

I want one so I can read more steps.- Latrone

The bookmarks will help our parents keep a log of our reading. -Tessa

We want to take our reading to the next level! -Abraham

The book marks will also help us with our math skills in addition and subtraction! (timing ourselves when we practice our facts)- Mykil

What convincing details!

Keep your fingers crossed for us!



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